Buried fascia






This is two stories up on a texture coated fibrecement clad house. I took this photo from a ladder during the initital investigation and thought it was probably okay - the flashing even turned up to deflect the water way - despite the buried fascia.










But there were other problems with this house so the whole thing was "undressed" and I got to see what I had missed: water had been seeping off the end of the vertical upstand of the flashing and soaking into the framing. Still, it doesn't look too bad, does it?

















Bad enough to rot away the floor joist further down



A close up - all this from a vitually invisible gap at the end of the apron flashing.








A selection of photos of remediation related issues.

This page Apron Flashing ends, see also Decks

and Stucco and


Misleading moisture content readings

Apron flashing ends

These are a favourite of mine - where a roof runs into a wall, and finishes part way along it, at the very end there is a high risk detail which was not commonly recognised as such prior to 2001 when Plaster Systems introduced the first proprietary "kick out" flashing.




Misleading moisture content readings