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Schedule 1 of the building act - what can I do without a building consent? Good list of updates at the bottom - last ones November 2013

The Moisture Detection Company :The Probes - lots of information without drilling holes through the cladding

Learn about the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service

The Prendos "Leaky Home Guide"

Want to frighten yourself by learning more about Starchy (Starchybotrys)?
a few links here: one, three

Visiscope - excellence in remote visual inspection (Wellington based)

Standards New Zealand

Run the Risk Matrix over your house: The Design Navigator

Useful Practic Notes published by Auckland City Council - Council processing staff check all consent applications against these notes before a consent is issued; very useful

Understand your site - a whole collection of useful tools

A good selection of relevant, FREE publications from BRANZ

Look at DBH Determinations

The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc

The Home Owners and Buyers Association of New Zealand - A useful first stop for a homeowner who has just found themselves in the leaky home nightmare

Wood eating insects, at least one useful page:
The Biology and control of beetles attacking seasoned timber (1950)

Builders specialising in repairs of leaky homes:

Euroclad Good track record of reclads, plenty of references and testimonials

Lifebuilt Silverdale based, done reclads for a few building surveyors I know

Platinum Pacific Reclad An Auckland Company that has been doing this for a while, Nice web site as of Oct 2011

Boss Projects Ltd Auckland firm, as of June 2010 usually has about three reclads going at any one time

Reclad Solutions. More into multis than stand alones, very efficient.

Jaros Construction. A medium sized Auckland company who has got into recladding, completed some large stand alones and blocks.

Integrity Building Services Ltd, done quite a few reclads over the last six years Yes that is the name of the company, comes highly recommended by someonoe I know who gets to see a lot of recladding jobs.

North Head Builders Ltd. A smaller firm just getting seriously into recladding houses. Nice new website.

Draftspeople - for drawing up plans / obtaining building consent for the reclad

Solutions Architecture Ltd