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Who are We?

We are a small, Auckland based consultancy established in 1988. It is very important that you understand that if you enter into any form of contractural arrangement with us, that contract will be with the company, you will be dealing with the company, and the person(s) you may talk to are at all times acting as representatives of the company, and not as individuals. William Hursthouse, a director (and author of these pages) has been working continuously in the building industry since 1973.




What We Offer

Since 1988 We have inspected hundreds of homes and been called in to solve a great variety of building problems. This has given us a great deal of experience. However,every job is different. We believe the most important quality is a truly open mind. Every house reveals unique features and in every case there are mysteries to be solved.

See Surveys and Reports for what is involved in a Building Survey.